A Year in Review: An Auto-Assessment of My Blogs

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


In the beginning of the year 2012, I was writing at a mediocre level and most of my blogs were rather uninteresting. There were no ‘big words’ put in to make it seem as though I have a stupendous vocabulary, and that every time you read one of my blog posts you would subconsciously learn a new word and broaden your vocabulary as well. The way in which they were written was not relatively elaborate either, as I left everything as simple as possible while only barely getting my point across to the reader. Progressively, they did somewhat improve over the months as I started writing more and more. That’s just the nature of an old saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. 

One area that I have recently been lacking in is that I haven’t inputted any pictures in a while. This is very counter-productive for me if I am to achieve to achieve my goal of attaining more regular followers. Pictures tend to aid the reader in fully capturing the what is being portrayed in the text. They tend to help the writer if he or she is lacking in writing skills/exquisite adjectives. And they can also help a reader who may be lacking a vast imagination.


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