A Critic’s Review of Pitchfork

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Having just went on Pitchfork.comI couldn’t help but notice the big sign portraying the name of the website. I also noticed the many categories they had on there for the reader to choose from, such as “Tracks”, “Artists”, “Best New Features”, and the section that I came looking for, “Reviews”. My search had finally come to an end, and as did my hopes when I saw that glaring 1.6 rating…

As I helplessly sat there and read through Ian Cohen from Pitchfork’s brutal review of my favorite rapper Childish Gambino’s debut album Camp, I couldn’t help but cringe as he relentlessly attacked every aspect of Gambino’s rapping style over the length of five seemingly never-ending paragraphs. He repeatedly annunciated his belief that Chlidish Gambino is just a poor man’s Kanye West. He also denounced Childish Gambino’s abilities to put together great punchlines, mentioning only some of the less intricate ones on the album in place of more clever lines in order to portray him as someone who is unworthy of your time.

The only aspect that I did appreciate through this brutality is that Cohen had very stupendous writing skills and he was able to get his point across very well. He used examples that would help his case and utilized a lot of metaphors, similes, and a very intricate writing style. So while I did not appreciate his comments and feelings toward my favorite rapper’s debut album, at least I never once looked away from my computer screen until I read that last brutal line in which he brilliantly quoted a line from Kanye West’s song “All Falls Down”.

  1. Yash Moondhra says:

    Amazing! It was extremely intriguing and showed profound vocabulary. Keep it up!

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