Breaking Taboos in Today’s Time and Othello’s

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the play Othello, a 50 year old black foreigner marries a seventeen year old, white Venetian girl. This was not taken lightly by many people in Venice because he did not really fit into the normal mold of what they would expect Desdimona to marry. Even her own father was not particularly happy with the thought of her marrying Othello but did reluctantly give them his blessing only to later die of a heart attack because of his disapproval.

Just like in Othello, in today’s world, if you were to walk down the street and you saw an old man and a young girl walking down the street, you’ll immediately think she’s a gold digger not once considering that there is a possibility that they are actually in love. Also, interracial couples tend to raise some eyebrows from people who are old-fashioned and maybe a little close minded. With that said, if you were to see a combination where there is a significant age difference between them, the man being about four times as old as her, and also a difference skin color, there will be some people that would find that weird. Not necessarily because they don’t agree with it, but because it’s not really that common so they’re not used to seeing it.

This play shows us that people back in the day were extremely against Othello and Desdimona’s marriage, and their deaths signified that it could not work out. While today I believe a marriage like this could last longer because people are (or at least are supposed to be) taught that you should never judge someone because they are different. I strongly believe in this and would not see it as a taboo at all, but would actually commend them them because they were able to find love.


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