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Awake the snorting citizens with the bell, 
Or else the devil will make a grandsire of you: 

(Act I, Scene I)

Iago is talking to Brabantio about Othello at night outside of his home. Iago had been telling Brabantio about how Othello had married his daughter and was using some pretty harsh words to describe Othello. He is pretty much telling Brabantio to go do something about this or else the devil (a word he’s using to describe Othello) will make him a grandfather.


Her eye must be fed; 
and what delight shall she have to look on the 

(Act II, Scene I)

Here, Iago is mentioning Othello in a mean way again. This time, he’s talking about why would Desdimona want to be with him. He’s pretty much saying, why would Desdimona possibly want to look at the devil. That’s how much he hated Othello that he doesn’t even see him as worthy for her to look at.





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