Mini Othello

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Donald is an actor who has a girlfriend that he doesn’t see that often and is coming back home to see these other people from his hometown.

Christina is Donald’s faithful girlfriend, who is not cheating on him.

Steve is Donald’s best friend, who’s a player.

Othello is the guy who hates Donald and wants to make him miserable because of his secret hate for him.

“Yo Donald, what’s up?” Said Othello.

“Not much… I haven’t seen you in a while since I’ve been acting a lot.” Said Donald, “What’s been going on back here?”

“You know, same old stuff. I’ve been hanging out with Christina and Steve a lot.”

“Steve and Christina? I thought they hated each other.” Replied Donald.

“Yeah they’re getting really close now, like REALLY close.”

“Yeah but she’s still mine so whatever right?” Said a now nervous Donald.

“I mean, you think she’s faithful right? It’s not like she’s cheat on you with your best friend right? Right?” Said Othello.

“I hope not that would suck.”

“I mean she used to be really bad before you so anything’s possible, especially since you’re always away.” Replied Othello, now egging him on.

“She’s cheating on me with my best friend! Oh my god, who do I confront first?” Screamed Donald, now anxious with rage.



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