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1. What is Iago trying to make other people think?

Iago is trying to show Roderigo (who wouldn’t need too much persuasion because of his present bias) that Othello and black people in general and bad people with bad intentions. He needs Roderigo’s help to make Othello’s life miserable and is trying to tell him a lot of negatives about “Moors” in order to show him that he’s a bad man and that they should do something about him.

2. What tactics does Iago rely on to make his victims believe him?

He relies on degrading words like the “Moor” a lot through out the speech. He also plays to some stereotypes of black males, comparing a possibly commonly preferred food of them at the time (locusts) to women. He also says that the “Moors are changeable in their wills”. Which means that he could all of a sudden change his mind about loving Desdimona and leave her for another woman. He also repeatedly tells Roderigo to “put money in thy purse”. There are two reasons for this, the first being that in case Othello leaves Desdimona, Roderigo should have money in order to get her. The second reason being, he wants to take advantage of Roderigo and get him to spend money on him while he helps him get Desdimona.



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Awake the snorting citizens with the bell, 
Or else the devil will make a grandsire of you: 

(Act I, Scene I)

Iago is talking to Brabantio about Othello at night outside of his home. Iago had been telling Brabantio about how Othello had married his daughter and was using some pretty harsh words to describe Othello. He is pretty much telling Brabantio to go do something about this or else the devil (a word he’s using to describe Othello) will make him a grandfather.


Her eye must be fed; 
and what delight shall she have to look on the 

(Act II, Scene I)

Here, Iago is mentioning Othello in a mean way again. This time, he’s talking about why would Desdimona want to be with him. He’s pretty much saying, why would Desdimona possibly want to look at the devil. That’s how much he hated Othello that he doesn’t even see him as worthy for her to look at.




Othello Act 1 Scene 1 Questions

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1. Although Iago, Roderigo, and Brabantio don’t seem to be getting along at first, they soon find out that they do have something in common. They are all racist towards black people. Iago and Roderigo storm into Brabantio’s house telling him how a Moor and married his daughter. Brabantio, after finding out that Othello is with his daughter, he is now also joining in on the racism calling him a Moor and getting angry. They say Moor at least 8 times in the text and not once did they even say his actual name. That shows how much they look down on him just because of his skin color and where he’s from. At the end, Brabantio even says “Call up my brother. O, would you had had her!” to Roderigo who he didn’t even like at the beginning. That shows that he would rather have anyone else marry his daughter than a mere Moor.

3. Given the way Iago, Roderigo, and Brabantio are talking about Othello, you would expect him to be some kind of womanizing, creepy, old man-rapist. The way they talk about Othello having sex with Desdimona saying “the devil will make a grandsire of you” shows a lot of negative feelings towards Othello. They also say that “an old black ram is topping your white ewe.” This also shows that he’s significantly older than Desdimona.

Mini Othello

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Donald is an actor who has a girlfriend that he doesn’t see that often and is coming back home to see these other people from his hometown.

Christina is Donald’s faithful girlfriend, who is not cheating on him.

Steve is Donald’s best friend, who’s a player.

Othello is the guy who hates Donald and wants to make him miserable because of his secret hate for him.

“Yo Donald, what’s up?” Said Othello.

“Not much… I haven’t seen you in a while since I’ve been acting a lot.” Said Donald, “What’s been going on back here?”

“You know, same old stuff. I’ve been hanging out with Christina and Steve a lot.”

“Steve and Christina? I thought they hated each other.” Replied Donald.

“Yeah they’re getting really close now, like REALLY close.”

“Yeah but she’s still mine so whatever right?” Said a now nervous Donald.

“I mean, you think she’s faithful right? It’s not like she’s cheat on you with your best friend right? Right?” Said Othello.

“I hope not that would suck.”

“I mean she used to be really bad before you so anything’s possible, especially since you’re always away.” Replied Othello, now egging him on.

“She’s cheating on me with my best friend! Oh my god, who do I confront first?” Screamed Donald, now anxious with rage.