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Gordie Learns to Grow Up

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Summary of the scene: Gordie and Chris are walking alone in the forest on their way to see the dead body. They start talking about Gordie’s stories and how Vern and Teddy didn’t appreciate his pie story because they’re not as mature. Chris starts telling Gordie that they are holding him back and that he deserves better than hanging out with them. They then start talking about how junior high is going to be. Gordie says that he wants to take the shop-courses so that he can stay with his friends (Vern, Teddy, and Chris). Chris gets really mad about that because Gordie is good enough to go into the college courses and he doesn’t like that he doesn’t plan on going in just to stay with his friends. He then starts re-iterating the point that hi friends (Vern and Teddy) are holding him back and that he’ll make some new friends. Chris then starts talking about how the town’s views of your family can affect your life after Gordie tells him that he’s smart enough to go into the college courses as well. Chris then proceeds to tell Gordie a story about how he got suspended which proves his earlier point that the town’s views of your family can affect your life. Chris tells him that he stole the money because everyone would point fingers at him anyway and that when he gave it back to the teacher, she took the money and spent it on a new skirt and he still got suspended.


Conflicts of the scene: The main conflicts of the scene are all between Chris and Gordie. The first one would be when Chris gets mad at Gordie and sort of ‘fathers’ him because his real dad doesn’t care whether he messes up life and takes shop-courses or not. The second conflict is when Chris is telling his story about the teacher and how even though he consciously brought justice to his name by handing in the money, his name was never actually cleared because the teacher spent it anyway and never reported the money brought back.

Motivations of the characters: Chris’ motivation is to show Gordie how much potential he has in writing and that he deserves better and can be better if he takes the college courses like he should. Gordie’s motivations are to stay with his friends and keep the gang together forever, not really caring about his future at the moment, but starts to get convinced by Chris’ argument at the end.

Scene Breakup: 

Scene 1: The Shop Course Debate. Chris and Gordie are arguing over whether Gordie should go into college courses or go to the shop courses with the rest of his friends. They also talk about Gordie’s stories.

Scene 2: Chris Venturing Into Fatherhood. Chris starts to talk about how Gordie’s parents don’t care about him and only his brother. He sort of takes the position of his father by telling him how he could waste his life by letting his friends drag him down.

Scene 3: Teacher Screwjob. In this scene, Chris tells Gordie about how he stole the money because he would’ve been blamed anyway. He also talks about how when he gave it back, he recieved no justice because the teacher spent the money on herself and the blame was still on him because no one would believe him because of his family.


Introduction to Myself

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My name is Adam Dajani and I’ve been going to North Broward for a long time. I like to play guitar and exercise. I run a lot. i run about 5 miles everyday, Monday through Thursday. It gives me a nice feeling to run in the sun, and I get a tan also so that’s good. I like listening to Childish Gambino because he’s a great rapper, and funny. That picture is of Childish Gambino, he’s also a comedian, actor, and writer.