Chapter 10 “Hospiital Scene”

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

When Kropp starts to ail on the train, they decide to drop him off at the hospital, and Paul, not wanting to separate from him, feigns a high fever so that he can go with him. At the Catholic Hospital, they get treated fairly well as to food and getting taken care of. One thing they didn’t like was the fact that the sisters would keep them up while they sleep because they were constantly praying. So they yelled at them to stop, which prompted the sisters to get confused and say things like “But we are saying prayers for you too.” Finally, Paul throws a bottle in their direction which finally gets them to shut the door. And since one of their roommates, Josef Hamacher, has a shooting license and and a crack in the head that leads him to say he received a “certificate to say that I was periodically not responsible for my actions. And nobody does anything to me.” So things turn out pretty well in that regard. Another event that goes on is when Lewendewski’s wife comes to visit him and that guys arrange a way for him to have her by playing skat loudly and watching their child for the time being. Also Peter, a man who was put in the Dying Room and promised to be back, and who they had “long proposed him dead”, came back and triumphantly took his old bed back. 


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