War Propaganda Posters

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a French poster made in WWI to motivate their people to fight in the war. This soldiers has a gun in one hand, to show that is he going off to fight (and is happy about it), he’s also waving his other hand for his colleagues to come and fight along with him. This might motivate French people to come and fight because it shows that this man is excited about helping his homeland in the war.

The second picture is an American war poster. It shows an American man in a suit, watching from the inside of his house window to see a large number of American troops outside his window about to go to war. So this poster is asking “On which side of the window are you?” Pretty much asking if you’re going to be a coward and stay home while your American comrades go out and fight for YOUR country, or if you’re going to be like everyone else and fight. This is kind of guilting you into  enlisting, because it depict him alone, which says that you’re an outcast if you don’t enlist.


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