The Importance of Women

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Throughout life one thing that never changes is men’s reliance upon women. As a child, a son listens to his mom for advice and when he needs help. As he gets older, some of his teachers may be women, who would also help him. And as an adult your wife will no doubt give you an ear full from time to time.

Even being two-thirds god, Gilgamesh is no different. Throughout the book, he learns to rely on women to help guide him to get what he wants. At the beginning though, he was a jerk to all women even sleeping with every one of them on their wedding night as virgins. But as Enkidu comes in his life, this changes. Ishtar for example, the goddess of ferility, war, love, and sex tries to seduce Gilgamesh, but he refuses, which shows that he’s still a jerk but can now resist the urge of women.

After Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh suddenly gains more appreciation for women. He prays to Ishtar and gives all kinds of lavish gifts, in hopes of reconciling and her making Enkidu comfortable in the after life. Later on, when he gets past the tunnel, on his way to Utnapishtim, he runs into the gate keeper, Siduri. She runs and hides in her castle, but he shows her that he’s gentil, and then even takes her advice as to how to get to Utnapishtim’s castle. Also, throughout the book, Gilgamesh repeatedly takes his mom, Ninsun’s advice. Later on at the end, he also takes Utnapishtim’s wife’s advice about things like, finding the plant of eternal life.


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