Observing Gligamesh

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Because of this being one of the oldest epics ever, it’s likely that a lot of people have read it. Since so many people have read it, I would imagine that there have been a lot of good and bad things said about Gilgamesh. There’s really two sides to every story so I guess I’ll go over both.
Some of Gilgamesh’s good traits are easily identified, like him being 2/3 god. Most of his characteristics are better than that of an average human being since his mother was a goddess and his dad turned into a god. He also strives for greater things like defeating the great Humbaba even when he already has everything a man could want. He also has respect for his mother, praying to her and asking her for advice, along with the ability to love (his parents, Enkidu)

Although he has a lot of great characteristics, he’s also got some bad ones. He starts out as a self-loving man who comes off as arrogant. He sleeps with every man’s wife on her wedding day. He oppresses his own people that worship him, which leads to them asking the gods for help. He also demands too much of his soldiers.

I’m not sure what you think of Gilgamesh, but I feel that the positives outweigh the negatives. He also turns out to be a good person at the end.

  1. liveblogga33 says:

    GREAT!!! This gives a great view of the epic story! Im so proud of you ! # winning – Hernando
    Good use of context clues of the book !.. – Ateeve

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