Think Your Day Was Bad?

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Do you know those days when you come home from school and you’re so tired and all you want to do is got to sleep? This is what I felt when I arrived home today. Since I always exercise when I get home from school, I can’t do that. So, I went to the gym and used the elliptical instead of actually running outside, which, to me is a lazy day. After 28 minutes on the elliptical, I lifted some weights which is part of my routine. After getting back, taking a shower, and having a snack, I noticed that I had soooooo much homework to do. I got this horrible feeling when I started thinking about this. I had to write this blog, a page-long weekly observation, some textbook questions for chemistry, and history homework. Two hours after this realization, I still have a blog to finish, an observation to write, and history homework to do. If you felt bad about your day, I hope this makes you feel better


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