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Hello world!

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been really excited for something and gotten disappointed after getting it and finding out it wasn’t all you hoped for it to be? Well, this happened to me this year when I was waiting for “Tha Carter IV” by Lil Wayne to come out. The album was originally supposed to come out on May 16, but was pushed back to June 2nd because they wanted to “make it perfect”. To me and many other Lil Wayne fans, the album was even pushed back further to August 29, 2011 because they wanted to market it some more. From June 2nd to the release date, Weezy would either leak out or perform a song from the album, which brought us songs like “Nightmares of The Bottom” and “She Will”. While those songs were okay, most of the album wasn’t. Unfortunately for Wayne, the whole album leaked five days before the release date, but people like me still bought it, and to our disappointment, it wasn’t too good. While Lil Wayne has talked about retirement, he will hopefully make “Tha Carter V” as a redemption album.